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  • Creek Hollow Ranch Ramona, CA USA (map)

Join Koelle Simpson and team for a pre-Summit equus experience. Let horses teach you how to exist in grounded presence. Shift patterns that no longer serve you. See the extraordinary gifts you bring to the world. Express your power and move vision into action with clarity, play, and love.


This workshop is custom-designed to help you anchor your coaching practice within the grounded presence of your inner being. Horses gently mirror the patterns and behaviors that block you from experiencing life in a state of freedom, inspiration and flow. They serve as masterful guides to teach you how to reconnect to the wisdom of your true nature.

Equus coaching helps you accelerate and deeply integrate the self-work you have already been practicing by providing a physical and visceral experience:  moving metaphor, you come to see yourself reflected through the eyes of a horse. Horses also teach you how to ground yourself within your body, so you can once again find your animal nature.


Along with a beautiful herd of horses, this workshop will be supported by Koelle Simpson and a team of master facilitators, to help mirror the power of the herd. We have learned to celebrate our unique gifts and support and collaborate within a fluid leadership model. As a part of the larger Martha Beck community, you can come to understand the beauty of your unique skills and how to be supported and collaborate within the tribe.

Members of the equus collective supporting this workshop include: Koelle Simpson, Erin Cutshall, Kelly Eide, Diane Hunter, Renee Sievert, Lisa Tran, Kate Apanui, Christy Lambert, and Travis Stock. Please note that Koelle will play a key supportive role in this workshop, but will not be the sole facilitator. 


Dates and Location:

  • Tuesday and Wednesday, March 11-12, 2014 (two days prior to the MBI Summit)
  • Creek Hollow Ranch, a beautiful ranch on 350 acres, 60 minutes from downtown San Diego in Ramona, CA
  • 9am to 5pm both days


  • Space is limited to 24 participants. The group will be split into 3 sub groups to ensure plenty of personalized hands-on experience
  • No horse experience needed!  Most attendees have never interacted with a horse before.
  • Afraid of horses? No problem, this is not so much about horses as it is about your personal journey. The facilitators have years of experience gently and safely guiding participants at their personal level of comfort.
  • The horse activities will take place on the ground, thus there is no riding during the workshop.
  • Coffee, lunch, assorted drinks and light snacks are included.
  • Breakfast, dinner, and lodging are NOT included.
  • A private Facebook page will be created to help you connect with fellow participants if you would like to coordinate travel logistics.
  • A group follow-up call will be scheduled after your event to check in and offer you any additional support if needed.