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  • Emirates Equestrian Centre Unnamed Road Dubai United Arab Emirates (map)


Almost every time I tell someone that I partner with horses, they tell me a two part story. First they speak of how beautiful, majestic and impressive the horses are and how they love them. And then they tell me why they are afraid of them. They tell a story from the distant past as if it were happening today. Horses have that visceral effect on humans.

Horses are also masters of fear. Imagine you are a horse. You live outside in the open and you are a walking meal for hungry predators. You can run, but you can't hide well and you have no fangs or claws to fight with. Imagine being that vulnerable 24/7. Imagine the skills you need to overcome that vulnerability.

That's where horses can teach humans how to manage our own fear. They model for us how to be vulnerable and not be paralyzed. How to find the courage to move, to live, to run and to thrive, even when you are fearful or the situation is unknown. They also teach us appropriate responses to fear without getting caught up any social or cultural stories that we humans tell. Horses help humans find courage from fear.

This theme is not about overcoming the fear of horses or overcoming any fear. It is about being able to stand in fear, to calm and lead yourself and to find courage from fear. 

This Equus experience will explore the fears that exist in your life, make you comfortable with them without changing them, and show you the pathway to courage from fear. You will do safe, gentle exercises with multiple horses who will support you to face your fear and still find action towards courage. 

— Nelson Mandela

Courage From Fear is a group Equus coaching experience. No experience with horses is necessary and no riding is involved.

VENUE: Emirates Equestrian Centre (next to Bab Al Shams)

DATE: Saturday, 11 November, 2017

TIMING: 8:30am - 1:30pm 

PRICE: 2450 AED (includes pre-work, lunch, videography and follow-up coaching); Earlybird pricing is 2000 AED before October 21st, 2017